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09-06-05: First public release of site.  Some areas will still need to be filled in with more content, but the framework is there.


Summary of the Metz Elementary School legend

This legend is about an elementary school located in east Austin.


This elementary school east of I-35 is haunted by the students. Construction workers on site heard the kids laughing from the walls. Mysterious events would happen to the crew who were working. Some had minor injuries.


Demolition of this old brick school building released a frenzy of ghostly activity. Work on the seventy-five year old school began in 1990, but progress was hampered by equipment problems and unusual accidents. Bulldozers broke down just as they approached the building, men fell off ladders pulled away by unseen hands, tools disappeared, and freak accidents happened every day. Some thing would shake the bottoms of ladders when workers climbed them. After workers encountered the ghosts of children writing on blackboards in the classrooms or hiding in the washroom stalls, half of the crew quit and the rest refused to work inside. The Torres Construction Company contacted a Catholic priest who performed an exorcism, but shortly afterward, one of the owners was killed when a wall "exploded" on him. The work was finally completed, nearly six months behind schedule. But that may not be the last of the ghosts. Foreman Joe Torres transplanted a tree from the site to the front yard of his daughter's home. Now, people claim to hear the voices of children coming from that tree.


Construction workers have seen images of school children playing at the blackboard. Also, a nasty spirit has been harassing workers, hiding and halting machinery, and has even killed one person by exploding a wall near him. The school is located at 84 Robert T. Martinez, Jr. Street.


A construction crew heard laughter coming from within the walls.


Previous students haunt this site. Construction workers on site experienced mysterious events, accidents and heard the sounds of laughing which seemed to emanate from the walls.


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Background of Metz Elementary School Legend and building

We will post any information that we find during our research here.


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Investigation of the site

This site is on our list of places to try to get an investigation set up at. We have not done any formal investigation here yet.


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Results of the investigation

If we are able to conduct an investigation at this site, we will post our findings here.


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EVP recordings taken at the site

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Photos taken at the site

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Movies taken at the site

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